The Shadow World – Audiobook

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Be wary of The Shadow World when entering and know this book is your defense against the darkness.

Much like in your house, shadows can be scary until you turn the light on…

The same goes for the online world, sometimes when we do not know what we are looking at or dealing with, it can be overwhelming and potentially dangerous.

We are here to help you navigate your way around this online world, arming you with your knowledge torch.

Together we can light up these shadowy areas of the online world to know what you are experiencing, what to believe – and what to be cautious of.

There are times when you may mess up – but we are here to tell you that you are not alone. Also to teach you some ways to get out of those shadows and back into the light!

This book is the creation of experts who share their experience and knowledge with you, so your world will be better prepared against the depths of The Shadow World beyond your device screens.

Plus, you may find a new interest in the cyber security world along the way!

“An invaluable resource of information and education for all users of the internet… A prolific book for the ages and a blessing for the youth who are most susceptible… Brilliant!” – Andrew, Indie Book reviewer.


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