A Hacker I Am Vol2 – Hardback – Autographed Copy



This book is the second book in the “A Hacker, I Am” series, it is not your normal cybersecurity book, it’s not meant to be read from front to back chapter by chapter, you open it up and pick which chapter piques your interest the most and read that one first. Then choose your next one and read that and continue the process until you have finally read all of them. By all means though if you want to stick to the old fashioned method of reading a book, knock yourself out and read it from the front to the back, hey you bought the book you should be able to read it however you want too. This book is a collation of previous work, rewritten and adapted for this book. I have then written a lot of new content just for the book. The book as you would have probably guessed it by now is all about Cyber Security but it’s not written to be overly technical, it’s written so that it can be understood by anyone who wants to learn more about how to better protect themselves. This book will be great at helping introduce individuals to the cybersecurity and help them get a better understanding of what to look out for, what problems we are all going to face in the future but also have a bit of fun while we are at it. Or if you are already in the industry then it will be still an entertaining read that can help give you a different perspective on a few things. Buy the book you will like it but once you have read it leave a review so that everyone else that is considering the book or its predecessor, know they will love it as well.

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