A Hacker I Am – Paperback



A Hacker, I Am is not your normal cyber security book, it explains topics in stories, scenarios, without all the Jargon. It’s fun, educational and you can read any chapter you want in any order you want. You bought the book you should be able to read it how you want. This book has been created to help everyone, not just the technical folk understand cybersecurity and the associated risks. Some new technologies and what we need to do to be prepared for them. My opinions on several cyber-related topics that will help you all be better informed on what you need to know and some advice on how you can improve your systems. I poke a bit of fun at my own industry at times and just try to make the topic a bit more enjoyable. If you use a computer or the internet you should read my book, you will gain a much better understanding of the risks and how you can be more secure.


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