Women in Security Magazine – Issue 16

Issue 16 (September-October 2023) edition of the Women in Security magazine is out today, the amazing team at Source2Create – @abyswabey @charlie-mae Baker and the rest of the team have outdone themselves with this edition.

Firstly the front cover, I love it. It jumps off the page and draws you in wanting to read more. The magazine. Once you start to look through the contents page is bursting with content, some amazing women and men like myself who have contributed to help make this magazine a showcase for the amazing women in the industry but also allows us to share our knowledge and experience as well.

Once you have a read of Aby’s “From the Publisher” piece and move beyond the contents page you will see an amazing full-page ad for my co-authored kid’s cyber awareness book that I created with @Caity Randal – The Shadow World. I love how well the book is doing and the amazing feedback it is getting from parents and their children.

If you have children between 8-12 years old make sure you get a copy of the book, it can help you start the conversation you need about what is the right behaviour in the online world. It will help them understand the risks and help them understand that it’s okay to ask for help.

Back to the amazing magazine though, exceptional edition with lots of reading to keep me going for days to come. check out the magazine on the website here:

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