The Shadow World – Five Star Review

I have been watching for the first reviews for my coauthored book The Shadow World I created with Caity Randall. We created it to try and create real generational change concerning online safety, starting the educational journey early in life for ages 8-12 (could be useful for slightly younger and older readers as well, that’s just the primary group we were aiming to reach).

Initial conversations have been very positive but haven’t received any reviews yet, until now. The first I have found is on Barnes and Noble, with an awesome five stars. To make it even more special The Shadow World is my fifth published book but this is the first ever review I have received on Barnes & Noble.

I am pretty happy that this book is the first, with the potential it has to create a real difference in children’s online behaviours while also educating their parents or guardians at the same time. The perfect option for the first on many more reviews.

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